Welcome to SHUTOUT! Here you will be able to enjoy goalie-specific content delivered via our website and your inbox. Shutout is dedicated to building and uniting an active community where stories, updates and resources on all things goalie can be shared.

Who is Oneiric and why did we create Shutout?

We, the founders of Oneiric, kickstarted our hockey careers as 8-year-old minor novice players back in the ‘90s. About 5 years ago, we discovered that there was a gap in the hockey equipment market and a strong need for more convenience, protection and performance in the gear. Driven by our passion and history with the sport, we developed Oneiric; a company committed to delivering technical and protective base layer products that address the specific needs of goalies and players.

Through our extensive work designing products for goalies, we couldn’t help but notice that this zealous community is strongly connected with one another. Goalies are united by their love and passion for the position – it takes a special kind of talent and mental endurance to strap on those pads and step onto the ice!

The goalie market excites us, so we decided to create a brand new publication that centralizes around goalies. Our intent with Shutout is different than other goalie-based blogs because we really want to make it community-driven. We want the members of Shutout to help drive the content and let us know what they want to read and hear about. Shutout members will have access to exciting deals, be part of focus groups during Oneiric’s development of new goalie products and most importantly, be able to engage with like-minded goalies and parents.

What to expect
We will be sending out monthly newsletters that will include a combination of goalie-oriented content, surveys and product deals (not just from Oneiric!)

Want to participate in the content making?

We’re also looking for writers from our community. No – you don’t need to be a professional writer to partake, just a goalie or goalie parent that has something to say or share. Please reach out and contact us at info@oneiric.ca if you are interested in being part of our roster of contributors!

We are excited to watch Shutout evolve into an exciting place for goalies and goalie parents. Thank you so much for joining the community and once again, welcome to Shutout!



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